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Home Warranty

Buying a Used Home?

Why face an Uncertain Future Alone?

Your Mortgage Broker & HS Warranty will Help!

Roll the Protection of a HS Warranty into your Purchase Financingwhile you have the chance.


Why Risk costly repair bills ...
when for between $2 & $8 a month ... HS Warranty will pay them instead?

The $1245 cost of Three Year PREMIUM Home Systems Warrantydisappears into your mortgage and
like Magic, re-emerges as an $8 a month increase in your monthly mortgage repayment ... pocket
change really!

But what that $8 a month buys ... is amazing ... You don't have to worry about costly breakdowns in your
home's systems & appliances for three long years ...because the HS Warranty will pay for them for you.
Breakdowns that usually have trades people reaching into your pockets for hundreds even thousands of
dollars each time.

A cost so low you'll never have to consider ... robbing the vacation fund or dipping into the kids college
account or raiding your rainy day "stash of cash" - to fix all the things that inevitably break down. Its' not bad
luck but bad planning that catches you with your pocketbook exposed. Don't do that! Roll the cost of a Home
Systems Warranty into your Mortgage, right now while you have the chance. It won't be this easy again.
Once your financing is finalized ... the door is closed on "rolling in" your Warranty.

On the day a breakdown happens, which they certainly do, you'll be patting yourself on the back as you watch
the repairman put things right ... instead of fretting about what his bill is going to be.

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Maybe the house you're buying doesn't include the appliances ... No Problem!

Buying the house but not the appliances ... the Three Year GOLD Home Systems Warranty will look after
you. The Gold coverage costs $795. for three years or about $4.50 a month on your mortgage.

A very small price to pay compared to the cost to repair your furnace when it breaks down or your water
heater or roof when they leak. Not to mention that it will pay to repair a wide range of electrical failures that
could leave you powerless. Plus plumbing problems that could leave you all wet ... (enough bad clichés,
I think).

All Home Systems Warranties include Home Insurance Deductable reimbursement. Which means; should
a warranted failure result in a Home Owner's Insurance Claim, your HS Warranty will reimburse you up
to $500 per year to cover your deductable. So if your water heater leaks and damages your flooring ... not
only is your water tank paid for but so is up to $500 toward your HO Insurance deductable for the floor repair.

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Don't want Three Years of protection ...
Get One or Two year Coverage for less than One Day's Coffee Money each month.

Honestly, I really don't know why you wouldn't have the maximum protection you can, especially when
we're talking about monthly costs that are less than many fancy coffee drinks. But you can have fewer years
of coverage if you want them.

Prices range from less than $2 additional on your mortgage for a One Year Gold Plan ($345) to around
$5 for a Two Year Premium Plan ($870).

(coverage info.) In other words a cup of coffee at Starbucks can be more expensive than the extra cost
per month to protect yourself with a Home Systems Warranty. One Year of Gold plan coverage is about
the same as a basic brewed Grande' coffee ($2) and ranging upward toward the cost of a Vente' Double
shot Caramel Macchiato ($8) for a Three Year Premium Plan.

Admittedly their Coffee is great ...
but it doesn't pay to fix your wonky water heater or dicky dishwasher when they break.

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Reduced Rates under the Employee Mortgage Benefit Program

Including a HS Warranty in your Mortgage is Easier than eating Ice Cream.

Having the cost of your Home Systems Warranty included in your mortgage is as easy as asking for it.
We'll do the rest. Just give us a little information and your permission and we'll send your request to
your Mortgage Lender.

Our Facilitated Payments doesn't stop there. Once your Lender has included the HS Warranty fees
in your mortgage, we'll let your Lawyer know to finalize the "Activation" of your HS Warranty on closing
day, so your protection starts as soon as you move into your new home.

We keep you informed every step of the way. All correspondence sent to your Lender & Lawyer are also
sent to you, so you can keep track of our progress. Now you will probably have to sign your agreement
to all this at some point but that's about all you need to do.

If you haven't arranged your mortgage yet, we may be able to help you there too. We can put you in touch
with people Nation wide with very very attractive rates.

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Knowing pays ... and so does a Home Systems Warranty.

With a Home Systems Warranty you know where you stand. If your new-used home turns out to need
repairs - no worries - you're covered! A warranted breakdown results in a HO insurance claim -
no worries - you're deductibles' covered too.

An oldish appliance is beyond repair - no worries - you're covered. In point of fact, with a Home Systems
Warranty in place you can laugh at household breakdowns, instead of curse the inevitable cost. Feel relief
at having done the smart thing ... instead of a pit in your stomach - worrying about how much the repairs
are going to set you back. Put your feet up ... without a worry in the world ... while things are put right for
you ... instead of pacing the floor.

A Home Systems Warranty rolled into your purchase financing is so easy, so inexpensive (lets be
honest, it really couldn't get much more affordable), so reliable & comforting - its' like an old Labrador
dog - always there when you need it ... Why would you want anything other than to have one?

Contact us at for coverage details and application!

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PREMIUM & GOLD Home Systems Warranty plans
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