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“From my perspective, Lisette is willing to do whatever is necessary at any stage of the mortgage
process. Whenever a problem has arisen with our mutual clients, Lisette has not been hesitant to
become involved and talk to both our clients and financial institutions, in order to resolve the problem.
It is extremely important for a mortgage broker to be as actively involved as Lisette, since they have
much more leverage with financial institutions than the lawyers. Financial institutions understand that
if a broker is satisfied with the service being provided by a financial institution, the broker is more
likely to place mortgages there in the future.”
“Whenever I have the opportunity, I do not hesitate to recommend Lisette to friends and clients who
are looking for a new mortgage for any reason – a home purchase, a refinancing, or an existing
mortgage that is coming up for renewal.”

-Andrew D. Pringle, B.Comm., LL.B., Wynne, Dingwall & Pringle

“I have personally had the pleasure of working with Lisette on my mortgage requirements. The whole
process was an absolute delight. Lisette brings a degree of professionalism to the table that makes
the process easy. She knows her business. When it comes to the best package for the application,
Lisette delivers.”
“Why anyone would go to a bank or trust company when it comes time to purchase, re-finance or
renew is beyond me. Go with a mortgage broker and, while you’re at it, go with the best –
Lisette Amalfi.”

-Herb Holst, The Holst Equation Inc.

“I wanted to convey my gratitude and appreciation for your recommendation of Mortgage Alliance in my
search for a brokerage company.”
“Rita Amalfi Cruse took me on as a client and immediately began on our mortgage process. From
the start Rita was personable, efficient, and attentive and gave me confidence in our home owner
aspirations. Rita had the same excitement and enthusiasm as we did which made us feel we were in
good hands for our mortgage.”
“Rita and her Mortgage Alliance OAC Mortgages team were professional as well as personal. There
was never a time that I could not reach Rita even when out of the office. I was able to call her cell
phone which I find quite rare in business matters these days.”
“Needless to say, I would highly recommend Mortgage Alliance OAC Mortgages and Rita Amalfi
Cruse. Ican now proudly call myself a new home owner thanks to great references and great people
to work on behalf in my corner.”

-Aleisha Hudson, First Time Home buyer

“Recently, we refinanced our mortgage with Mortgage Alliance. Lisette was patient, professional and
kind.She took the time to explain what each step was, what it meant, and how it would help us and
our future. It also helped that her office staff, Amanda, was always friendly, helpful and on top of
things as well.”
“That time was a very difficult and stressful time, but Lisette proved to be very unique. She just
“knew” not only what to say to ease the stress and how to clarify our concerns, but what would be the
best outcome for our circumstances. We ended up saving more than $600 a month just in interest
payments, and another few hundred dollars in other ways. What a relief!”

-Jill Robinson, Lifepath Health and Wellness Centre

“In the past 7 months my husband and I have had multiple transactions in which we needed the
assistance and advice of Lisette. She made what could have been a very complicated process,
painless and effective! Whenever we had questions, she was always there for us to calm me down
and help me understand the process.”
“She always made herself available despite our crazy schedules and the last minute changes we
needed to make!”
“Lisette, we truly appreciate all of your hard work and effort on our behalf. You are an ethical and
dependable professional that I can refer with confidence!!”

-Linda Powers, Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

“To David Kendall”
“I am one of these people who are now sitting at “prime minus” because of you. I just made my
second payment on my new mortgage.”
“Thank you so much for arranging my new mortgage. I was hesitant to leave my current lender given
the fact that I was comfortable, now I truly see the benefits of having a broker. I wish I had done
this years ago!” “In these uncertain times it gives us a great deal of comfort knowing that we are
heading towards being mortgage free a lot sooner than was previously possible.”

-Cheryl G., Real Estate Operations Director

“There are not enough words to thank you for renewing my mortgage. You are extremely
knowledgeable in your field, efficient, professional, and have wonderful advice to share. I had heard
wonderful things about your work, but had no idea until I used your services myself.”
“Lisette, you have not only taken care of my mortgage, but redid my financial portfolio, to a much
more enjoyable one.”
“My sincere thank you, Lisette - I have already referred one person to you and would refer you in a
minute to anyone looking for a new mortgage or to renew their current mortgage.”

-Marianne Sandvall, Stagecoach Designs